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5 mistakes employers make when dealing with an employee grievance

Managing the grievance process Dealing with grievances within the workplace in an appropriate and fair manner is crucial to having a happy workforce, to creating …

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Climate change protests: How should employers respond to employees on strike?

The so-called ‘climate strike generation’, led by teenage activist Greta Thunberg, are urging everyone to join in with their protests about climate change. The school …

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5 Reasons why problems arise with staff

Essential information to prevent issues arising in the workplace. In the 15 years or so that I have been advising employers and employees about issues …

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Whistleblowing Judges

Public Interest Disclosures and Protection from Detriment Last week, the Supreme Court heard the case of Gilham v Ministry of Justice which concerned whether a …

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With the clocks going back could it mean employees work an extra hour?

Working Time: What you need to know when the clocks change The clocks are due to go back an hour on Sunday October 27th, meaning …

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New Acas Guidance on Menopause and the Workplace

To coincide with World Menopause Day on 18 October 2019,  Acas published new guidance for employers and managers to help support staff affected by symptoms …

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What’s new in the world of Employment Law And HR – September /October 2019

An update for Employers & HR professionals Here’s a round-up of some recent legal developments plus a few interesting news stories: There was some good …

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Are the Champions of England champions of Equality?

Social Media and Discrimination Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva has been charged with misconduct by the Football Association over a tweet he sent to team-mate Benjamin …

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What do you need to know about discrimination as an employer?

Discrimination: The Basics The law regarding discrimination and protection for employees can seem complicated and at times it can be difficult to understand (which is …

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Podcast Resources & Links

What you need to get started with a Podcast Audacity – Open Source Audio Editing Libsyn – Podcast hosting from $5 per month Samson SAQ2U …

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HR Planning for an uncertain future

Practical steps to consider in readiness for Brexit – whatever the outcome! No-one really knows what is going to happen with Brexit, deal or no …

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Was a male employee subjected to unlawful harassment when a female manager massaged his shoulders?

Not according to the facts of this case, was the – somewhat surprising – finding of the Employment Appeal Tribunal in the recent case of …

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