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Online Advice

We believe that you no longer need to be restricted by geography in seeking advice and legal services. Gone are the days that you have to spend half your day traveling to your local solicitors’ office for a meeting during office hours. 

Now you can get access to expert advice wherever you are based in the UK and using our online service makes it even easier for you to get the help you need.

If you use our services online you get the benefit of: 

  • Expert advice 
  • At a reasonable cost
  • When you need it – we are not restricted by ‘office hours’
  • Without having to use your own time travelling to a meeting
Alison Colley working the Real Employment Law Advice offices

Face to Face Meetings

If you still like to speak to your adviser face to face then we can arrange this using very easy to use video conferencing software.

Share Documents

If you are worried about sharing documents securely we have a secure online portal ‘Law Connect’ where you can upload your documents, and view and amend any documents we create for you.

Convenient for you

Because we are not constrained by normal ‘office hours’ we can work around your availability, and what works best for you.

How does the online service work?


Contact us to make an initial free appointment by telephone or video with one of our expert solicitors.


We will discuss your case and provide details of the costs. We are always open, honest and upfront with you about our costs. 


We will send you our customer care letter and terms of business outlining how we will work with you.


You confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions by email or online.


You can upload your documents to our secure online portal or send by email.


We assist you in reaching a resolution to your case.

Get started

To get started simply click the button below and book a call back with us. We will get back to you and chat through your situation via telephone or video.