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Category: Disciplinary Procedures & Dismissals

Person carrying a box with dismissed written on it
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What is Gross Misconduct?

The concept of gross misconduct has often left employers feeling that there is no further option but to terminate the employment of the individual but is this always necessary and reasonable?

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The Benefits of Having a Staff Handbook

Although it is not a legal requirement to have a Staff Handbook many employers do have a Handbook of some sort or other in order to provide guidance to staff..

Person carrying a box with dismissed written on it
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Sacked for a Sandwich

Is it fair to dismiss someone for stealing a sandwich? A common disciplinary area that arises is when an employee is accused of alleged theft.

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Protection of philosophical beliefs at work

Tribunal finds University Professor was discriminated against because of gender critical philosophical beliefs. An Employment Tribunal recently found that…

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Substance Abuse and Work

What do employers need to consider about substance abuse?
An area where employers and managers feel out of there comfort zone is when faced with an employee who is under the influence of a substance.

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Insults in the workplace

The case of Mr A Finn v The British Bung Manufacturing Company Ltd confirmed that calling a man bald is no longer a mere insult/banter. Even if factually true..

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Suspension advice for employers

Regardless of whether the allegations are serious, or the right to suspend is expressly included in the contract, employers need to pause to consider whether suspension is the right thing to do or if it can be avoided.