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Proposed changes to flexible working

Initially, the government considered whether employees should have the right to work flexibly and remove the ability for an employer to refuse a flexible working request. However, they realised that this would not work in practice…

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Employee Resources

Employees right to unpaid carers leave

You will no doubt have heard in the news of various proposals to change employee rights and make changes to the way current rights work.
As part of the Government’s bid to support the labour market and help businesses ‘build back better’ from the COVID-19 pandemic, another change that has been announced is the introduction of a right to unpaid carers leave for a period of up to one week.

Employee Resources

Workers Get To Keep Tips

The government has recently announced its intention to introduce legislation to ensure that workers get to keep tips that are left for them by customers. A voluntary code of practice was introduced in October 2009 with the aim of encouraging employers to deal with such payments fairly..

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Employer Resources

Redundancy appeals and unfair dismissal

With the end of furlough approaching, many businesses are having to think (if they haven’t already) about their plans going forward. Redundancies are one of the options that employers are having to consider, and we have had a number of enquiries from businesses across the UK who are exploring this.

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Update on mandatory Covid vaccinations in care homes

Those working in care homes will need to be double vaccinated otherwise employees face being dismissed unless they are exempt for medical reasons. The justification behind the proposals were that it protected care home residents from serious illness or death related to Covid-19 infections.

Discrimination & Equality

Employee wins £180,000 in compensation for refusal of flexible working request

A female employee recently won a tribunal claim against her employer because they refused to let her reduce her days of work or leave work early to pick up her child from nursery. The huge pay out was awarded after the Employment Tribunal held that the employer had indirectly discriminated…

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Employer Resources

What are you going to do when furlough ends?

Furlough ends soon. The end of the scheme means that if you have any staff who are currently on furlough or flexibly furloughed you will need to make a decision about what will happen to them from the 1st October 2021 as the top up of pay for periods of furlough will no longer be available.

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Employer Resources

Compulsory covid vaccinations for those working in care homes

The government has recently announced that covid vaccinations will become compulsory for those working in and those attending care homes from 11 November 2021. Changes to the law will mean that those working in care homes that are regulated by the Quality Care Commission must be double-vaccinated.

Best practice for employers

Frequently Asked Questions About Constructive Unfair Dismissal

We have recently received a lot of enquiries from employees or former employees, who consider they have been treated so poorly by their employer/former employer that they may be able to claim constructive dismissal. However, many people are unsure about what constructive unfair dismissal is …

Employer Resources

“Bring your pet to work” day – would you have one in your business?

“Bring your pet to work” day – would you have one in your business? At first sight this may seem like a completely bonkers idea but what better way, you may say, to bring a bit of joy and laughter into the workplace than opening your doors once a year to all creatures great and small?