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Suspending Employees: Advice for Employers

What are the risks of suspending an employee?  Suspending employees whilst disciplinary allegations are investigated is becoming more frequently used by employers, and in many cases that I advise upon suspension is used incorrectly and without proper consideration for the impact and outcome. In this recent case, a similar situation arose where the employer took […]

Unions granted permission to appeal against introduction of Employment Tribunal fees

Employment Tribunal Fees  Since July 2013 if you want to pursue a claim against your Employer in the Employment Tribunal you have been required to pay a fee of £160 or £230 (depending on the type of claim) and then a fee for the final Hearing of either £250 or £95. Some people on a […]

New rates of Sick Pay, Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Pay 2014 announced

Statutory Rates of Pay 2014 The Statutory rates of pay for employees who are absent from work due to sickness, maternity, paternity and adoption are the amounts that are set out in law. This is the minimum amount that an employer must pay per week. Some employers will pay a higher rate than the legal […]

Deductions from wages for overpaid wages

Can my employer take back money they have overpaid me from my wages? The law provides protection against unlawful deductions from wages, and if your employer makes an unlawful deduction you may have the basis for a claim in the Employment Tribunal. The protection from unlawful deductions from wages is covered by section 13 of […]

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