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Category: Handbooks & Employment Policies

workplace burnout
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Workplace Burnout

Burnout’, a state of severe mental and emotional exhaustion most often caused by work-related stress. Employers need to be aware of workplace burnout

A small blackboard with "Recruitment" terms and a lightbulb
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How can employers improve staff retention?

Staff retention is essentially the ability of a business to hold on to their staff, which should maximise productivity and keep employee turnover to a minimum.

to show sickness and abscence
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Sickness Absence Management

Quite often sickness absence will put employers under pressure to get staff back into work after long periods of absence. Pressuring a sick employee…

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Labour party employment law reforms

The Labour party intends to make some sweeping changes to employment law if it wins the next general election. The reforms are set out in its paper entitled…

Person carrying a box with dismissed written on it
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What is Gross Misconduct?

The concept of gross misconduct has often left employers feeling that there is no further option but to terminate the employment of the individual but is this always necessary and reasonable?

to show an employee handbook
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The Benefits of Having a Staff Handbook

Although it is not a legal requirement to have a Staff Handbook many employers do have a Handbook of some sort or other in order to provide guidance to staff..

Person carrying a box with dismissed written on it
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Sacked for a Sandwich

Is it fair to dismiss someone for stealing a sandwich? A common disciplinary area that arises is when an employee is accused of alleged theft.