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Category: Redundancy

Filing cabinet of redundancy documents
Best practice for employers

Redundancy Common Pitfalls

Redundancy Common Pitfalls. Redundancy can hit employers unexpectedly and it is often a scary process to embark upon and challenging.

person carrying a box with dismissed written on it
Best practice for employers

P & O Ferries dismisses 800 staff without notice

As you may have heard on the news, P & O Ferries recently dismissed 800 of its employees without warning or notice.   The news was delivered to the affected employees via video call on 17 March 2022 and, just like that, 800 employees learned that they were out of a job.

Filing cabinet of redundancy documents
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Redundancy appeals and unfair dismissal

With the end of furlough approaching, many businesses are having to think (if they haven’t already) about their plans going forward. Redundancies are one of the options that employers are having to consider, and we have had a number of enquiries from businesses across the UK who are exploring this.

A draw of paper folders, with the focus on a label reading "Redundancy plan"
Furlough and the Coronavirus

How do I work out redundancy pay?

When it comes to working out redundancy pay it is not always straightforward and some employers struggle to get it right. What you need to include in your calculation will depend on the way in which the employee works and is paid for that work .