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Best practice for employers

Unfair dismissal for drinking in a social club whilst on sick leave

The crux of the matter was that the employee was dismissed for gross misconduct because the Employer became aware that he was visiting his local social club whilst off sick. The Employment Tribunal held that the decision to dismiss him was unfair for the reasons set out below.

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Best practice for employers

Menopause and work – what do employers need to do and why?

Menopause & work – what do employers need to do and why? The subject of menopause always used to be something of a taboo – rarely spoken about in society, still less in the workplace. This, thankfully, is now changing.

Best practice for employers

Discrimination during the Recruitment Process

Discrimination during the Recruitment Process. As you will be aware, employees are able to pursue claims for discrimination, under the Equality Act 2010, if they consider they have been discriminated against due to a protected characteristic..