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Employment Law & HR Advice for Employees

We regularly advise employees on their legal rights and can represent you in the Employment Tribunal. We can also correspond with your employer and negotiate on your behalf to try to seek a legal resolution to problems that arise at work. 

It is extremely important to obtain advice from a specialist legal advisor who understands how to deal with the Employment Tribunal cases and resolve employment disputes.

Useful Reads for Employees

Can you reduce an employee’s wages because they work from home?

According to a recent survey of 1,000 employers by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), one in ten employers plan to reduce the pay or benefits of workers who choose to work from home rather than return to the office.  

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Is it time for a strike on current industrial law regulations?

The Government is considering removing current restrictions prohibiting agency workers from covering workers that are engaged in official industrial action. It is also considering changes to the limits on the damages unions are liable to pay for strike action found by the court to be unlawful..

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Handling Employee Medical Data

The rules around handling data have given businesses a new set of challenges ever since GDPR came into effect. However, with the pandemic changing the working landscape in so many ways, the handling and storage of medical data such as GP notes and reports are now at the forefront of discussion. 

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Our Legal Services For Employees

Legal Disputes

We provide support and advice on what you can do if you feel you are being bullied or harassed at work. We will explain your legal rights and options, but also listen to what you want to achieve and focus on practical solutions to reduce the stress and worry to you. 

We will help you to understand your contract of employment and what to do if your employer has failed to do something, or has done something, in breach of the contract.

We provide help, support and advice on what you can do if you feel you have been treated unfavourably at work because you have a protected characteristic. We can discuss your legal rights and provide practical advice on the steps you can take to remedy the issues either to remain at work and/or take matters further should you wish. We can represent you in the Employment Tribunal with a claim for discrimination.

We provide help support and guidance on the next steps that are available to you if you are dismissed from your job, whatever the reason for your dismissal.

We can review the terms you have been provided by your employer and explain the content of the terms with you. We can flag the issues that you need to be aware of and assist you with negotiating the terms before you agree them. It is much easier to negotiate the terms and deal with issues that arise when the terms are presented to you than have to wait until later in the employment relationship. This is very important when it comes to post-termination restrictions and notice periods, particularly if you are in a senior role and the restrictions are more onerous. 

As we are specialist employment law solicitors, we are experts in dealing with Employment Tribunal claims. We are able to represent you and/or assist you in making a claim against your employer in the Employment Tribunal. From the very start of the process with ACAS Early Conciliation and preparing your claim form through to representation at the final hearing. We will advise you at every step of the case about the strengths and weaknesses of your case as well as ensuring you understand the Employment Tribunal process. 

You may have legal expenses cover in a personal, home or other insurance policy which will pay for your legal costs if you find that you have to make a claim in the Employment Tribunal. We can represent you under insurance funding and liaise with your insurers to help you. As a consumer you have the right to stipulate that you would like to use your own representative rather than the one assigned to you by the insurer.

If you have been told that you job is at risk of redundancy or you have been given notice of redundancy then we can provide you with support and advice on your legal and practical options. We can also advise you if you have a claim for unfair dismissal and if the process followed by your employer complies with the legal minimum requirements. 

including post termination restrictions

We can advise you about the impact and whether such restrictions are enforceable either at the start of the contract or if you are looking to move on to a new employer.  If you are planning on setting up your own business after leaving employment, we can also advise you on the impact of any restrictions, so you avoid costly legal claims. 

If you have been offered a settlement proposal and/or agreement by your employer we can advise you on the terms and effect of the document. As specialist employment solicitors we can analyse your potential claims and advise you on the value verses what your employer is offering. We can also help you get a deal that works for you, where a non-specialist solicitor may not have the expertise to do so.

We provide help, support and advice on what you can do if you feel you have been treated unfavourably at work because of your gender. We can also advise you on your rights and remedies available if you have been the victim of sexual harassment at work. We can discuss your legal rights and provide practical advice on the steps you can take to remedy the issues either to remain at work and/or take matters further should you wish. We can represent you in the Employment Tribunal with a claim for discrimination and/or harassment.

When you are suspended it can be a shocking experience and very stressful. We can provide support and advice on your options. How to defend yourself against allegations and ways to help you get back to work as soon as possible. We also have a DIY Toolkit available to purchase for £36 if you want detailed guidance and template letters to help resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

If your employment is ended by your employer and there is no legitimate or fair reason for doing so, we can advise you on your rights and help you to make a claim for compensation against your former employer. We can hold your hand through the process if you want to do it yourself and/or represent you throughout the process and all the way to the final Employment Tribunal hearing.

Other Services

You have a number of rights under various legal provisions and it can be tricky to navigate the various rights and requirements. We can help you work out what options you have and the practical steps to work with your employer so that you can utilise your parental rights. 

We can advise you on maternity, paternity, adoption, parental leave, shared parental leave and flexible working rights at work. 

If you are having issues at work with your employer and/or a colleague then it is important to consider, where possible, raising a formal grievance to try to resolve the issue. We can help you with advice on when it is the right time to raise an issue formally, the steps you need to take and the process you’re your employer should follow. In addition, we can even help to write the grievance for you and if your employer allows, we can be involved at the meetings and/or liaise with your employer on your behalf. 

If your current employer is proposing to transfer your employment to a new employer because of a sale of part of the business or change in contracts then we can advise you of your rights and help you to understand what will happen and what your options are.