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Category: Disability Discrimination

to show sickness and abscence
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Workplace Occupational Health Referrals

Occupational Health and work what do you need to know? There are occasions when every business may need to initiate an occupational health referral for an employee.

to display menopause symptoms
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Menopause in the workplace

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) recently issued guidance on menopause in the workplace encouraging employers to carefully consider the needs of employees.

bald man pulling a face
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Insults in the workplace

The case of Mr A Finn v The British Bung Manufacturing Company Ltd confirmed that calling a man bald is no longer a mere insult/banter. Even if factually true..

Graphic depicting a wheelchair user as an accessibility icon amongst a crowd of people
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Reasonable Adjustments – Leadership Inclusivity

Employer obligation to make reasonable adjustments. In a recent survey it has been established that employers are not forthcoming or proactive in assessing …

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Neuro divergence and work

What should employers be considering with a neuro divergent workforce?

The words "Mental Health" shown on Scrabble tiles
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Reasonable adjustments for mental health at work

ACAS released new guidance on reasonable adjustments at work for employees with mental health conditions. The guidance has been designed to support employers..

Tree with a wooden arrow sign pointing to the right displaying the word "Equality"
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How to promote Equality in your business

When times are hard or we are busy it can be easy to let the fundamentals of fairness and equality slip and to think that we do not have the time or resources to dedicate to it. I would however argue that when times are hard, like a recession, it is even more important to uphold those values…