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Furlough / Job Retention Scheme & Parental Rights

What do you need to consider in respect of Parental & Family Leave The government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is aimed at helping to avoid …

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Why reputation should be high on your consideration when making decisions about employees.

Making employee decisions during these times may be a  low legal risk but the reputation risk can be high! I have had numerous discussions with …

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Furloughing Staff: Guidance for Employers

On Friday 20th March 2020 the Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a welcome measure for employers who are unable to pay staff.  In order to avoid …

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Equality – a tick box exercise?

What do you think about Equality in the workplace, is it effective? According to recent reports, the Department for Work and Pensions has lost more …

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Preparing your business in difficult times

Resources & Ideas for Employers If you are concerned about the future of your business I strongly recommend that you start planning/preparing now. Here are …

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Coronavirus: Update for Employers

SSP what has actually changed so far? Changes to Statutory Sick Pay legislation (SSP) were published and came into force last week, however the only …

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Employment law news and developments

What do you need to know about (other than coronavirus!) With the corona virus pandemic very much at the forefront of everyone’s minds at present, …

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Was it unfair to dismiss an employee charged with a serious criminal offence committed outside of work?

An interesting case that seems to arise fairly frequently for employers!  This was the question asked by the Employment Appeal Tribunal in the case of …

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The importance of following up on information provided by new employees

Do you follow up on all of the information provided by new recruits when they start work? Do you have a process for checking forms …

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Childless employees in the workplace: What should you consider?

Should employers be concerned or sensitive to this issue? I was recently asked a question about childlessness and childless staff, and whether employers needed to …

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Why I am afraid of ‘dabblers’!

Please think carefully about who you seek advice from   I felt compelled to write this article after once again hearing from a fellow professional …

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Changes to Employment Law in April 2020

 What do employers need to know? On 6 April 2020, new employment laws will be coming into force which all employers need to know about. …

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