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Employees and second jobs – what employers need to know

With the cost of living rising exponentially, more and more people are having to take on second jobs or extra hours to make ends meet.   Here we consider the contractual and employment law issues that employers need to be aware of when their employees have second jobs. 

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Breach of confidentiality in employment

As confidential information is extremely important to employers it is common for a confidentiality clause to be contained in the employment contract. The purpose of the clause is to prevent an employee from using, copying, or disclosing confidential information

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Employment Tribunal Claims: Is it worth making a Strike Out Application to the Employment Tribunal?

I usually advise client’s that there is little point in making a strike out application, which is an application to have all, or part of a claim removed from the Tribunal. The reason for this is that the Employment Tribunal are often reluctant to strike out claims without hearing all the evidence.

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Childcare and Sex Discrimination

In a recent case decided by the Employment Appeal Tribunal the tricky issue of childcare and sex discrimination arose in a case against the retail chain Primark. It is an interesting reminder of the types of issues that can arise when trying to arrange working hours and arrangements among staff.

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Annual increases to National Minimum Wage and Statutory Payments for 22/23

Annual increases to National Minimum Wage and Statutory Payments for 22/23. The following increases to the National Minimum Wage and the rates of statutory payments have taken effect from 1 April 2022: National Minimum Wage (age 23 plus – the National Living Wage) to increase from £8.91 to £9.50..

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How to Conduct a Disciplinary Process

If a situation arises where you consider that you may need to commence a disciplinary process with an employee, then it is important that you follow a fair process. The main risk of not following a fair process is that if the employee is dismissed, they could pursue a claim for unfair dismissal..

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Podcast Episodes

The Employment Tribunal Process: making & defending a claim

Step by step guidance on the Employment Tribunal Process. In this episode 191 of the podcast I bring you the first in a mini series covering step by step guidance on the Employment Tribunal process. This is applicable for both employees who may want to make a claim and employers who may be defending a claim.

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Tips on having difficult conversations

One of the most difficult parts of managing people is having uncomfortable conversations particularly about performance and behaviour. But it can be an easier process and one that you do not have to dread.

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Getting your recruitment process right

In this episode 189 of the podcast I bring you a detailed account of how to get your recruitment processes right to ensure that you get the best candidate, conduct recruitment fairly and avoid any legal claims.

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A guide to the Probation Period

In this episode 188 of the podcast I bring you a detailed account of the probation period at the start of employment or the start of a new job role. Probation periods are something that most employers use but rarely utilise in the correct manner.

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Results Only Working: What is it all about?

Results only working environment within her business.

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How to deal with alcoholism & substance abuse at work

In this episode 186 of the podcast I bring you information and ideas on how best to deal with issues of alcoholism and substance abuse at work.

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