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Employment Law Advice for Employers


Employment Law & HR Advice for Employers

Be the best employer and best practice – One of our favourite things to do is work with businesses and organisations who want to work proactively to be the best employer in their industry. We have years of experience of working with employers on this and we can help with any project or goals you may have.

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Useful Reads for Employers

What to do with an Employee Grievance

This is a summary of what you need to do if you receive a grievance from an employee. The key thing is grievances should be ...
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Workplace Burnout

Burnout’, a state of severe mental and emotional exhaustion most often caused by work-related stress. Employers need to be aware of workplace burnout
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Employee with “non-feminist belief” loses discrimination claim

In a recent tribunal case, an employee ran the unusual argument that he had been discriminated against because of his non-feminist belief. 
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Our Legal Services For Employers

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Legal Disputes

We can represent you if you find that you have to defend an Employment Tribunal or Court claim from an employee. We can advise and support you throughout the process, from the initial ACAS Early Conciliation process and receipt of the ET1 Claim Form through to the final Tribunal hearing.

This is a claim that employees may be able to make in the Employment Tribunal if they resign because of something they allege you have done. It is a claim that employees can make in a similar way to unfair dismissal but instead of you dismissing them they resign on the basis that your behaviour left them no choice. We can advise you and/or represent you in respect of defending a claim for constructive unfair dismissal.

We provide help, support and advice on what you can do if you find yourself defending a claim for discrimination. We can discuss your legal options and provide practical advice on the steps you can take to defend or resolve the issue. We can represent you in the Employment Tribunal if you are defending a discrimination claim.

When there is a disagreement between you and your employee or between employees, we can assist in reaching an agreement through mediation. We will provide a neutral and impartial person and can be there to help both parties find a solution that all the parties agree to which will prevent it from escalating into formal litigation and avoiding further disruption to your business. Alison Colley is an ACAS trained workplace mediator and has experience in resolving a variety of internal disputes.

(Formerly known as Compromise Agreements)

We can provide advice, support, and guidance on how to propose and negotiate an effective settlement agreement to end the employment of an employee. We regularly draft settlement agreements tailored to employers, requirements in order to ensure that any claims the employee may have against you are effectively resolved.

This is a claim that employees may be able to make in the Employment Tribunal if they are dismissed and you have not followed a fair process or have a fair reason for the dismissal. We can advise you and/or represent you in respect of defending a claim for unfair dismissal.

Paperwork & Contracts

We can prepare bespoke contract for employees and workers which will provide protection for your business and guidance for your employees and managers. We will also ensure that your documents are legally complaint with up to date legislation.

Drafting bespoke contracts that support and protect your Business.

If you are engaging a consultant in your business then we can prepare the contract to ensure that the relationship between you is set out clearly and is legally compliant.

If you work with contractors in your business then it is important that you have a contract in place to set out how things will work and to reduce problems should a dispute arise. We can prepare a contract for you that fits with your business requirements and is legally compliant.

We can draft bespoke and enforceable covenants that protect your business interests into the future; and prove advice and guidance on the scope and application of the covenants. We can also help you enforce any restrictions should it become necessary and advise you on their application in the particular circumstances.

Policies & Procedures

Having a comprehensive Handbook and set of policies is crucial to having a successful business and to resolving disputes or issues that arise. We can advise you on what your Handbook should include and prepare the policies to fit your business.

We can help with every stage of the process from conducting a full investigation through to holding the disciplinary hearing for one of your Employees. We can also provide support and guidance as you navigate your way through the process.

We can get you started a bespoke equality and diversity policy and  training for your team as well as detailed guidance on how you can ensure that equality and diversity and best practice are being followed in your business/organisation.

The decisions you make when recruiting staff are crucial to the success of your business. There are the issues about the suitability and skills of the candidates, getting your interviews right and ensuring that you comply with the law. We can assist you every step of the way and work with local recruitment specialists who can help you to advertise and find the right candidates.

We can assist with all aspect of the redundancy process. Regardless of your budget we have an option for you. We can do anything from run the full process on your behalf through to providing guidance and template documents to do it yourself.

Dealing with sickness absence can be stressful and high risk. We can give you reassurance and confidence in dealing with the issue, providing guidance and support on best practice procedures to manage sickness absence; long-term sickness absence; and incapacity or intermittent sickness absence. We can also provide advice and guidance on how to obtain medical evidence or effectively use and access Occupational Health. Where appropriate we can also help you manager the issue to ill health dismissal.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to suspend employees if you are undertaking an investigation into a grievance or disciplinary issue or if you need to suspend for medical reasons. We can provide guidance and advice on when you can or should suspend an employee to ensure any suspension is fair and justified. We will also provide the letters and documents needed to communicate with the employee.

Other Services

Managing people is something that many business owners find tricky or time consuming and often for small and medium sized businesses there is no internal HR department or dedicated person for HR. This is where we can step in and provide your out-sourced HR function. We can offer a variety of levels of service for HR support from on off advice or projects through to full HR support. Whatever level of HR support you choose you have the confidence to know that not only are you getting expert HR advice but legal support at the same time.

We provide advice and guidance on the scope of family friendly rights both from a legal perspective and practical application. We can provide advice and support on best practice procedures to help you create a family friendly workplace offering a good work life balance for your staff, while balancing and protecting the needs of your business.

When issues arise with employees it can be time consuming, stressful and ultimately takes you away from working on your business. We can help with all aspects of the process from providing an impartial investigation process to assisting with the outcome and implementing any actions.

If you are transferring your business or part of your business to another organisation or transferring into your business there is a minimum legal process that needs to be followed with regards to transferring employees.