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wage slip
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Can you reduce an employee’s wages because they work from home?

According to a recent survey of 1,000 employers by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), one in ten employers plan to reduce the pay or benefits of workers who choose to work from home rather than return to the office.  

workers on strike
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Is it time for a strike on current industrial law regulations?

The Government is considering removing current restrictions prohibiting agency workers from covering workers that are engaged in official industrial action. It is also considering changes to the limits on the damages unions are liable to pay for strike action found by the court to be unlawful..

data protection
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Handling Employee Medical Data

The rules around handling data have given businesses a new set of challenges ever since GDPR came into effect. However, with the pandemic changing the working landscape in so many ways, the handling and storage of medical data such as GP notes and reports are now at the forefront of discussion. 

working time
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4-Day Week Working

How flexible are you? On Monday 6th June 2022 various companies began a 6month pilot of a 4-day working week, which provides employees with 100% of their pay for 80% of their usual hours. The idea behind the pilot is to focus on employees working fewer but more productive hours.

office etiquette
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Do we need reminding of office etiquette?

Do we need reminding of office etiquette? Returning to the office has thrown up some interesting conversations around how social interactions and conduct in an office environment are changing in a post pandemic landscape. Will staff bring bad habits to a more formal office environment ….

working time
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The Four Day Week, Movement or Revolution?

The UK have this month begun to participate in the first large-scale trial of introducing a 4-day working week after huge success was seen across the world in countries such as New Zealand and Iceland. This idea was first floated in the UK in 2019 by the Labour party however ….

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Monkeypox: What should employers be considering?

Monkey Pox: What should employers be considering? After the COVID19 Pandemic it seems the employment landscape is now facing a renewed threat as monkeypox cases rise across the UK. Although the risk of infection is considered low and a small number of infections reported overall in the UK …

Writing a letter
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Without prejudice letters: Are they really ‘off the record’?

Are “without prejudice” letters admissible as evidence if they contain grossly exaggerated allegations of misconduct? This was the question that was considered by the Employment Appeal Tribunal in the case of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Ltd v Sommer  in relation to a letter proposing settlement..