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Job Retention Bonus – update

Key questions answered about the bonus scheme announced earlier this month which is available to employers as a one off taxable payment for every employee furloughed who is still employed after January 31st 2021

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More support announced for employers affected by local lockdown

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced last week a continuation of the furlough scheme for those businesses who are forced to close and cannot offer 33% of normal hours as required under the Job Support Scheme

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Settlement Agreement negotiations: Guidance for Employers

The use of settlement agreements is becoming increasingly popular, this is largely due to the commercial benefits of entering into an agreement, as opposed to, risking costly litigation…

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Working from Home

Having the whole team working remotely from home and learning to use tools for communication and supervision of the team has led to a complete shift in my mindset about recruiting and brining good quality people into the business. Another reason why I believe that working from home is here to stay.

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How do I work out redundancy pay?

When it comes to working out redundancy pay it is not always straightforward and some employers struggle to get it right. What you need to include in your calculation will depend on the way in which the employee works and is paid for that work .

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Diary of a (wimpy) solicitor

After 17 weeks working from home, Solicitor Albert Bargery returns to the office with stringent social distancing and safety measures in place…

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What’s new in Employment law and HR – July 2020

The Furlough Scheme continues to dominate the headlines but here is a roundup of other recent Employment news from Solicitor Miranda Amos…

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What are the risk if I do not follow the Redundancy process?

If an employer does not follow a redundancy process there are various risks to the business and in this article we explore what those risks are for employers.

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Issues that are arising for employers who want to bring employees back to work from furlough?

Dealing with staff who do not want to come back to work As lockdown eases and restrictions on sectors are lifting, many businesses across the …

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What are the changes to the furlough / job retention scheme?

Phase 2 of the scheme: update Another new word for the employment lawyer and HR dictionary – ‘flexible furlough’! On Friday 29th May 2020, the …

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Landmark Equality Ruling in the US

Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender prohibited in the US The U.S. Supreme Court has recently ruled that discrimination on the basis …

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Will the furlough cut-off date place employees on maternity and other family leave at a disadvantage?

Furlough cut-off for new employees may cause difficulty for those employees currently on family leave One of the major announcements was that the furlough / …

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