Podcast: The Employment Law and HR Podcast

Unfair Dismissal: What is unfair dismissal?

An introduction to the law regarding unfair dismissal. This is the first of a mini series that will focus on all of the key aspects of unfair dismissal, including everything you need to know to really get to grips with dismissals and what constitutes a fair dismissal.

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Employment law changes announced & Ignoring furlough led to an unfair redundancy dismissal

In this episode 206 of the podcast I bring you a run down of the proposed changes to employment law announced by the government on the 10th May 2023. The gift that keeps giving….covid and furlough employment cases.

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Is it discrimination to discipline an employee for aggressive behaviour?

In this episode 204 of the podcast I bring you details of a case recently dealt with by the Employment Appeal Tribunal which deals with the issue of behaviour arising from disability. In the case of McQueen v General Optical Council the Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal considered the reasons for the employers actions.