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The Gender Pay Gap & Equal Pay at work

How employers can proactively address the gender pay gap

In this episode 219 of the podcast I bring you an interview with Michelle Gyimah who is a specialist pay gap strategist.

Michelle is an expert in assisting businesses and organisations to close their pay gap.

In this episode of the podcast we cover:

  • Why the gender pay gap is an important consideration for employers.
  • Why the gender pay gap still arises.
  • The benefits to employers of addressing the pay gap in their business or organisation.
  • What businesses and organisations should be considering with regards to their gender pay gap.
  • Simple steps employers can consider for equality.
  • Other areas of pay gap for employers to consider.
  • Some examples of how employers can make a change.
Michelle Gyimah

Michelle Gyimah

I’m a Pay Gaps Strategist.
I specialise in supporting HR Directors to close their pay gaps sustainably.

One of the key aspects of the work I do with organisations is provide training on how to hold better pay and progression conversations. This is an essential tool to closing pay gaps.

By working with me you will:

➡️ Gain clear insights into what your organisation needs to do to close pay gaps

➡️ Equip your HR teams with the ability to hold conversations about pay and pay progression so that you can retain more staff

➡️Focus on the right measures to improve pay representation

➡️ Grow in confidence to discuss pay gaps, pay transparency and pay equity

➡️ Find solutions to these problems faster

➡️ Create strategies that embed pay transparency to retain talent

➡️ Improve your organisation’s employer brand and public perception to aid talent attraction so that you can be a leader within your sector

Talented employees are aware of their power.
They are evaluating your organisation on your commitment to building a better future.

Your mission statement is not enough.
You need to show how you are creating a truly equal environment.

Addressing inequalities, such as pay gaps and pay equity, is important for employers to take action on.

It can seem like an overwhelming task to begin, but with the right support it can be done.

I have a proven track record in supporting organisations to take tangible actions that make a difference.

My clients enjoy working with me because I combine strategy + implementation to eradicate pay gaps. For good!

If you’re looking to embed strategies to close your pay gaps, to retain and attract more talent, there are three things you can do:

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