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Author: Alison Colley

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Does the latest lockdown adversely impact female employees?

Following the lockdown and school closure in March 2020 statistics came out that more women than men were furloughed and subsequently made redundant. This is a question I posed on LinkedIn recently and the overwhelming response was that yes it does adversely impact women.

Furlough and the Coronavirus

2020: The Year of Furlough

This year has been unprecedented for employment law and unlike no other time in my career. I don’t need to tell you, I know many of you feel the same, but my year in review for 2020 has one major feature…….FURLOUGH.

Best practice for employers

Can you require employees to have the Covid vaccine?

Can Employers require Employees to have the Covid vaccine? At some point there may be employers who are keen for their workforce to have the vaccine. But what happens if employees refuse the vaccine when offered?

Furlough and the Coronavirus

Furlough Scheme Extension Update 10th November 2020

As promised the government published the revised and updated guidance on the Job Retention Scheme, commonly known as the Furlough Scheme, late on Tuesday 10th November 2020.

Furlough and the Coronavirus

Furlough scheme extension for November 2020

After the announcement that England would go into a second period of lockdown it was announced that the furlough scheme would continue to enable support for employers during this new period of lockdown. So, what do you need to know?

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Job Support Scheme: A Guide for Employers

This guide is intended to give you an overview of the key elements of the scheme based on information which is available as at the 25th October 2020.

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Can an employer change an employee’s hours and pay?

When can an employer make a change to an employees hours? Howe easy is it to make the change? What about reducing pay because of covid? There are options available for employers, but also protection for employees who may object to the change.

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Working from Home

Having the whole team working remotely from home and learning to use tools for communication and supervision of the team has led to a complete shift in my mindset about recruiting and brining good quality people into the business. Another reason why I believe that working from home is here to stay.