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Author: Alison Colley

General Updates

Celebrating 10 Years

Real Employment Law Advice reaches milestone decade in business

We have recently been celebrating our 10 year anniversary.

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Best practice for employers

Reasonable Adjustments – Leadership Inclusivity

Employer obligation to make reasonable adjustments. In a recent survey it has been established that employers are not forthcoming or proactive in assessing …

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Best practice for employers

Changes to the National Minimum Wage 2024

The rates for the national minimum wage from April 2024 have been announced and there is one major change that employers need to note…

Best practice for employers

Do you know what we do?

We will often undertake the disciplinary investigation and produce a report for employers. In situations where they want someone independent from the business

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Best practice for employers

Will there be bullying protection for employees?

While employers have an implied duty to provide a safe working environment, the absence of a legal definition of bullying means that employers find it difficult

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Best practice for employers

Employing young people aged 16-17

The employment of young people who are over compulsory school leaving age and under 18 is permitted but there are slightly different rules that apply..