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Flexible Working Request Appeal Case & Is the F Word no longer offensive at work?

Case review of two interesting recent Tribunal cases

In this episode 200 of the podcast I bring you a run down of two interesting cases that have been in the news recently.

The first is the case of Glover v Lacoste & Mr R Harmon which is an Employment Appeal Tribunal case involving sex discrimination following the Employers requirement that managers must work flexibly with no set shift pattern or days of work.

This is an interesting case as there seems to be a trend, particularly among retail organisations, that you have to work full time to be a manager or, like in this case, be available to work at any time.

Aside from the legal implications of this type of policy it is also excluding large numbers of people from management roles and thereby narrowing the pool of talent available, at a time when recruitment is particularly difficult.

You can read the full judgement here: Judgement

The second case that of Ms H Dadhania v SAP(UK) Ltd and Others which is an Employment Tribunal case where the Judge stated in the judgement that using the F-Word at work had essentially lost the shock value it had previously had due to its commonplace usage in society today.

Whether you agree or not with the Judge’s view on this it does raise an interesting question about how you manage different sensitivities within your organisation or business.

You can read the full judgement here: Judgement

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