Employers need to consider reasonable adjustments in the recruitment process

This case illustrates why it is important for businesses to consider and make reasonable adjustments in the recruitment process

In this episode 214 of the podcast I bring you a summary of a case that was decided by the Employment Appeal Tribunal in regards to the issue of whether an employer was under an obligation to make a reasonable adjustment to their recruitment process for an applicant with regards to his dyspraxia. The case is AECOM Ltd v Mr C Mallon.

In this episode of the podcast we cover:

  • Why businesses need to ensure that they are open to reasonable adjustments in the recruitment process.
  • The facts of the case and why they are rather unique as Mr Mallon had previously been employed by AECOM Ltd.
  • How HR for the employer got it wrong and could have resolved the matter by a simple telephone call.
  • Why someone has to be a genuine applicant for the job role in order to claim discrimination under the Equality Act.
  • Tips for employers in ensuring that your recruitment process is inclusive, fair and reasonable.

Case Reference

You can read the full judgement here: https://www.gov.uk/employment-appeal-tribunal-decisions/aecom-ltd-v-mr-c-mallon-2023-eat-104

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