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Best practice for employers

Menopause and work – what do employers need to do and why?

Menopause & work – what do employers need to do and why? The subject of menopause always used to be something of a taboo – rarely spoken about in society, still less in the workplace. This, thankfully, is now changing.

Best practice for employers

Discrimination during the Recruitment Process

Discrimination during the Recruitment Process. As you will be aware, employees are able to pursue claims for discrimination, under the Equality Act 2010, if they consider they have been discriminated against due to a protected characteristic..

Best practice for employers

When an employee leaves without giving notice

When an employee leaves without giving notice or short notice it is incredibly frustrating for an employer. Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon situation, and we are often asked by employers what, if anything, can be done about it.

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Best practice for employers

Resignation in the heat of the moment

We know that sometimes even the best employers cannot help situations arising between members of staff. Training and team building exercises are a great way to help encourage staff to deal with issues to avoid situations like arguments occurring between employees but sometimes this is not enough.