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How to be the best employer: Tip 10

Training & Development

When you think of training and development it is easy to think of sending staff on expensive courses or obtaining expensive and time-consuming qualifications. Whilst this is one way of investing in training and development for staff, there are other simpler ways that you can do so. Some no cost/low cost ideas:

  • Arrange for an internal job swap or mentoring;
  • Arrange an external job swap or mentoring with another business owner in order to upskill staff at no cost;
  • Internal training sessions where an experienced member of staff shares their skills and experience with staff;
  • Free online resources, podcasts and webinars. Identify something relevant to your staff and share with them, or set aside time to listen/watch as a group;
  • Local chamber/business groups seminars and presentations. Consider sending staff to these. If it is something you as the business owner would attend why not take an interested/keen member of your team with you.

I also recommend that you create a training record for all staff and record any training, formal or informal that they may receive. This way they can see the benefits and development they are getting from working for your business.

No matter what job the employee undertakes there are always ways to increase their skills and experience and to develop them for the future.

Employers who take the time to invest in their staff and development will inevitably have more loyal staff and will be more attractive to prospective employees.

My passion is to help employers and business owners to be the best employers they can and therefore if you want to be the best employer in your industry drop me an email to arrange a no obligation discussion and quote. Email:

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This article was written by Alison Colley, Solicitor and Director at Real Employment Law Advice.

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