Author: Kathy Lockwood

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Best practice for employers

How diversity and fairness in business increases your profits

Why should you consider diversity and fairness as an integral part of your business? Diversity in recruiting, such as employing more women and those from ethnic minority backgrounds, particularly at board level, and in management roles, has been proven to increase profits..

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Disciplinary Procedures & Dismissals

Can we require an employee to take holiday whilst suspended from work?

Employers often use suspension as part of a process of undertaking an investigation into misconduct, complaints or allegations against an employee. If the complaints are considered sufficiently serious, it may be necessary to stop the employee from working whilst the matter is investigated.

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Employment Tribunal Claims

Employment Tribunal Hearings via Video

There have been changes to the employment tribunal hearings which are usually done in person in a tribunal building. The pandemic has led to the very speedy rolling out of online solutions to dealing with hearings, including the use of the Cloud Video Platform known as CVP.

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Best practice for employers

Bullying and Harassment at Work

Bullying and harassment can have a number of impacts on an individual and can lead to time off work and considerable stress for the victim. This article considers how bullying and harassment can affect the workplace and possible solutions.