Why do I need to sign a Settlement Agreement?

Focus on Settlement Agreements

In this series of articles I am going to focus on Settlement Agreements and answer the most Frequently Asked Questions that you may have. If there are any questions that are not covered please leave a comment, or send an email, tweet or Facebook message and I will add the answer.


Why do I need to sign a Settlement Agreement?

Employers usually ask you to sign a Settlement Agreement where:

1) They are paying you an enhanced redundancy payment. This is a payment over and above what they are legally obliged to pay. In return for the additional sum the Employer wants the certainty that you will not pursue any claims or grievances against them.

2) You have agreed to take voluntary redundancy and your Employer wants to ensure that you have taken advice, and/or they have offered you an enhanced payment.

3) There has been a dispute between you and the Employer has offered to pay you a sum of money to end the dispute and, usually your employment. This way both you and the Employer are able to resolve matters fairly quickly and with minimal stress and costs.

3) There is not a dispute between you, but there is the potential. Perhaps your Employer has a disciplinary issue to discuss with you, or you have raised a grievance. Employers may offer a Settlement Agreement at an early stage before matters go any further to avoid disputes.

 Settlement Agreement

Where can I find more information?

ACAS have produced a code of practice which can be found on their website www.acas.org.uk which contains information about how a Settlement Agreement should be prepared and the discussions that take place around the Settlement Agreement.

Alternatively you can give me a call on 023 80982006, 01983 897003 or 07969 598080. I can also be contacted by email on Alison@realemploymentlawadvice.co.uk


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