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New Sexual Harassment Laws in 2024

Prevention of Sexual Harassment obligations for employers are changing in 2024

In this episode 218 of the podcast I bring you an update on the new sexual harassment laws in 2024, including all the information employers need to consider.

In this episode of the podcast we cover:

  • What is the current law about workplace sexual harassment.
  • What the Equality Act 2010 states about sexual harassment.
  • Why there has been a change in the law.
  • Some examples of conduct of a sexual nature that would constitute sexual harassment.
  • How a single incident can be sexual harassment.
  • Who can claim sexual harassment.
  • Compensation awarded for sexual harassment claims.
  • New legal duty on employers to take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment.
  • What practical steps employers can take now.
  • Recommended training for managers and employees.
  • The importance of a policy on harassment.

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Other resources regarding sexual harassment

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New Sexual Harassment Laws

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