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Podcast: Coronavirus

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Introducing Hybrid Working – what do employers need to consider: Part 1

In this episode 174 of the podcast I am very pleased to be joined by Kate Davis, Leadership Coach and business mentor to talk about the very timely and topical subject of Hybrid Working. The practical steps employers need to take to make hybrid working really work long term.

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Employees who are reluctant to return to work & shielding employees

I am covering the tricky question of what you can do if an employee refuses to return to the workplace because of covid concerns. Also with the guidance about shielding changing what you need to consider when asking a formerly shielding employee to return to work.

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What do I pay an employee who is self-isolating? Coronavirus employment news

In light of the increasing number of covid-19 cases in the UK, and increasing number of people with symptoms who are self-isolating whilst waiting for a text result, or are doing so on advice from the NHS, many employers are once again asking “what do I pay an employee who is self-isolating?”.