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Letter to request furlough due to shielding

A free template letter you can use to send to your employer to request that they place you on furlough due to being at high risk if you were to catch Covid-19.

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As the Covid-19 restrictions and the virus continues to spread at a fast pace around the UK we know that a number of people will have received a shielding letter again and as a result of being at high risk need to remain at home. 

We understand that this can cause difficulties with some employers, especially where you cannot work from home. We have therefore created a free template letter for you to download and use to request that your employer furlough you whilst you are shielding. 

It has been prepared based on information currently available and does not guarantee that your employer will agree to furlough you. The decision to furlough is at the discretion of your employer. If your employer does refuse, then we recommend you contact us for some specific advice. We offer an initial free telephone call on 01983 897003.

If you want a bespoke letter or specific advice, please contact us directly by email:

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