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HR Solution for Hospitality Business

When was the last time you checked our HR paperwork?

Do you have contracts for your staff?

Did you know that there is a minimum legal requirement now to provide terms to employees from the first day of employment?

Not sure where to start when it comes to HR paperwork?

Look no further than our DIY document pack designed especially with your business in mind.

£125.00 + VAT


Easy to use and understand HR documents, designed to make your life easier.

Within this toolkit you will find everything that you need to get started with employees including:

  • Contents and Introduction
  • Contract template for guaranteed hours staff
  • Contract template for zero hours / casual staff
  • Uniform / property form
  • Informal incident record form
  • Privacy notice
  • Employee information form
  • Induction checklist
  • Sickness self-certification form

Available to download and use as much as you need for just £150 (inclusive of VAT)




Photo by Kate Townsend on Unsplash


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