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Checklist for employee returning to work after furlough

A template check list for employers to use when bringing employees back to work following a period of furlough leave.

Please feel free to amend as necessary for the needs of your business.

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As we begin to prepare for exiting lockdown many businesses will be starting to think about re-opening and/or bringing more staff back from furlough.

For some industries, employees may have been furloughed for a considerable period of time. Some since the first lockdown started just over a year ago. It is an anxious time for everyone, and particularly those who have been absent from work for such a long time.

In order to ensure that you are doing the best by your staff I strongly recommend that you implement a procedure and checklist to complete for each employee who is return to work after furlough. Whether returning on flexible furlough or full time back to work, the investment of your time in getting things right at the outset will pay dividends later on. Not only will you help to alleviate concerns and prevent problems arising you can ensure that staff are fully ready to ‘hit the ground’ running when you are ready to return to ‘normal’ operations.

To assist you with the process I have created a template check list which you are welcome to download for free.

Please feel free to amend as necessary for the needs of your business.


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