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Unfair Dismissal: The Reasonableness of Dismissal Episode 3

Unfair Dismissal

The third instalment of a 6 part mini series focusing on Unfair Dismissal

Episode 3: How to ensure the decision to dismiss is reasonable

In this weeks’ episode of the podcast I tell you all about the second test for a fair dismissal, the reasonableness test. This is the third of 6 episodes that will focus on all of the key aspects of unfair dismissal, including everything you need to know to really get to grips with dismissals and what constitutes a fair dismissal.

In this episode I will cover:

  • What the test for reasonableness is in accordance with the Employment Rights Act 1996
  • The two elements of a reasonable dismissal, Procedure and Substantive Fairness
  • What the fundamentals are for a reasonable dismissal decision
  • The different reasonableness and procedural requirements for each of the potentially fair reasons
  • What the range of reasonable responses test is
  • What you need to do to fairly investigate a conduct allegation
  • What you can do if you have more than one ‘suspect’ in an allegation of misconduct
  • How to deal with performance issues in order to fairly dismiss an employee for poor performance
  • What you need to consider before dismissing an employee

Action Points

Ensure anyone assigned to deal with a disciplinary investigation and the disciplinary hearing in your organisation listens to this episode.

Helpful Links

Employment Rights Act 1996 

BHS v Burchell 

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