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Reasonable Adjustments at work: an interview with Jan Brookes

How employers can assist employees with a disability to succeed

In this episode 215 of the podcast I bring you an interview with Jan Brookes who is the CEO of a local Isle of Wight Charity, Isle Access. Jan is an expert in assisting businesses and organisations to be more accessible.

In this episode of the podcast we cover:

  • The number one thing that all employers can do, with no expense to assist their staff with long term health conditions.
  • Ways in which employers can make reasonable adjustments.
  • Why it is important to give meaningful consideration to adjustments.
  • Some examples of how employers can make a change and be more inclusive.

About Jan Brookes CEO

Jan is the CEO of Isle Access.

Jan has had a notable career of over 40 years in nursing including holding a short service commission as a nursing officer in the RAF. She has considerable experience of caring for people with disabilities and poor mobility, and latterly worked in care home management. 

For a short period Jan also operated an ‘Accessible Travel’ franchise, on the Isle of Wight, inspecting and booking hotel accommodation away from the Island, for people with disabilities and poor mobility. In 2015, Jan succeeded in gaining an MSc (distinction) in International Hospitality Management. The topic for her dissertation was “Identifying the needs of people with dementia when using hotels’.

She is a member of the Access Association and has undertaken training in access auditing at the Centre for Accessible Environments. In 2016 Jan spoke at Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning week and was voted Age Friendly Island Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018.

Isle Access Logo

About Isle Access

Isle Access is an Isle of Wight based charity that is helping to improve life for disabled people on the Island.

Their vision is that residents and visitors alike can enjoy as much of the Isle of Wight as possible. Their mission is to make the Island more accessible and inclusive for people of all ages. Their aim is to support disabled people by removing barriers to access, enabling disabled people to enjoy a better quality of life and achieve new skills and experiences. They do this by:

Informing, assisting and promoting businesses, organisations, individuals and local government initiatives to welcome everyone to our beautiful Island.

Providing some accessible services, such as adapted cycling.

They work with people of all ages and all abilities, including: Disabled people, Veterans, People who experience loneliness, People who need more supportive exercise.



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