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An Interview with Juliette Chan: Episode 82

Grief and Loss at work: An interview with Juliette Chan

Although my focus is on the law and the legal side of employing people I am very interested in and enthusiastic about ways in which my clients can be the best employers and get the most out of their people. After meeting Juliette at a networking group on the Isle of Wight I was really interested to hear about her work and the ways in which this can help employers and employees deal with work related issues. Juliette kindly agreed to be interviewed and I hope you will agree has provided some interesting insights into grief, loss and how it relates to work.

In this episode I will cover:

• Ways in which employers can help employees who have had a bereavement;
• How grief and loss effect employees in the workplace;
• Ways to spot when someone needs help;
• Strategies for dealing with grief and loss.

Action Points

1. Give managers some guidance and training on dealing with grief in the workplace;
2. When undertaking redundancies or major changes in the business be aware of the impact on employees;
3. Seek advice from an expert to ensure you are doing the best you can for your employees.

About Juliette Chan

Juliette is a Grief Recovery Specialist® whose business is Altered Dawn.

Juliette helps with any loss such as bereavement, relationship breakdown, pet loss, loss of trust, job loss, bankruptcy, loss of health, etc.

She teaches the Grief Recovery Method® to help people understand their grief, make peace with it and move forward. This isn’t counselling or therapy – it is a series of step-by-step actions that can be used again and again for any future loss. Juliette runs courses for both groups and individuals.
Juliette is also qualified to work with parents and professionals who want to help children grieve.

Useful Links & Case References

Juliette’s website – Altered Dawn –

You can connect with Juliette on LinkedIn here – Juliette Chan

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