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What should be included on Wage slips? : Episode 8

Wages and Wage Slip


In this episode 8 of the HR & Employment Law Podcast I bring you a summary of a recent Employment Appeal Tribunal Case, Mr Ridge v HM Land Registry. In which Mr Ridge pursued a claim against the Land Registry for their failure to include itemised details of deductions from his wages on his wage slips. A rather surprising and unique case, and something which you may not be aware of as an employer.

Particularly you will learn….

  • What information needs to be included on a wage slip
  • What constitutes a deduction from wages
  • The consequences if you get things wrong

HR Best Practice Tip

The HR tip of the week is a bit of a ‘no-brainer’ but one which many people easily forget on a day to day basis.

Podcast references

In this episode I refer to the case of Mr Ridge v HM Land registry and you can read the full judgement here

You can find out more about my HR and legal support package for employers, Empirical Support’ here

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