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Holiday pay and holiday entitlement changes 2024

Key changes on how employers calculate and pay holiday

In this episode 222 of the podcast I bring you a run down of the changes to the Working Time Regulations which are effective in the holiday year that starts after 01 April 2024.

In this episode of the podcast we cover:

  • The definition of irregular hour worker
  • The definition of part year worker
  • How statutory holiday entitlement is accrued for irregular hour and part year workers
  • How you can deal with carry over of leave
  • How to calculate holiday pay
  • Rolled up holiday pay is now permitted for irregular and part year workers
  • Examples of what to consider when calculating holiday
  • Why it is important to check contracts and holiday terms for existing employees before making a change to your holiday entitlement and pay

Harpur v Brazel Case Supreme Court case that has now been overturned and which is covered in Episode 202 Holiday Entitlement & Pay

You can find the full government guidance here:

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