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Domestic Violence and Abuse: what do employers need to know

In this episode 165 of the podcast I am very pleased to be joined by Ed Grey from BlueTouchPaper consulting to talk about the very timely and interesting subject of Domestic Violence & Abuse and the interrelationship with work.

This episode had been in the planning stages for several months, following a timely conversation between Ed and I, but by coincidence we recorded this episode only a couple of days after the Business Minister Paul Scully MP published an open letter to Employers on the subject of domestic violence.

You can find the letter here:

In this episode of the podcast we cover:

  • Why this is a timely and particularly important issue now.
  • Why this is relatively new issue for employers and one that you may not have thought about in the context of your employment obligations.
  • What the different types of abuse are.
  • What employers legal obligations are.
  • Practical steps for employers who suspect an employee may be the victim of Domestic Violence and Abuse.
  • What employers should consider if an employee makes a disclosure of domestic violence and abuse.
  • Resources for employers.

Practical steps for Employers

  1. Listen without judgement
  2. Do not excuse or blame
  3. Do not tell the employee to leave their partner
  4. Believe them
  5. Validate what they tell you
  6. Ask them what they feel they need
  7. Share information about resources the employee can access them self
  8. Arrange to keep in touch and agree a safe way to maintain contact – consider a safe word

Remember: HR and Managers are not counsellors, we are however all human beings so ensure you approach with kindness and support and seek advice when you are unsure and you will rarely go wrong!

Ed Grey from BlueTouchPaper Consulting

Ed Grey


Telephone: 01983 840 830 / 079600 12475



England & National


Hampshire & IOW


  • 24h Live Fear Free Helpline for Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse, & Sexual Violence: 0808 80 10 800 Text: 07800 77333

Northern Ireland

Free Domestic Violence & Abuse Policy

We have created a template Domestic Violence & Abuse Policy for you to use and implement in your organisation.

You can download for free here: DOWNLOAD THE FREE POLICY

If you have any questions or require specific advice please do not hesitate to get in touch: 01983 897003 or email:

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