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What can a manager do when an employee has raised a grievance about them? Episode 94

What can a manager do to assert their authority and continue to manage an employee who has a grievance against them? 

In this episode of the podcast I attempt to answer a great question from a listener about the practicalities of managing someone who has raised a grievance against you in response to your addressing performance or capability issues. An interesting question and a scenario that arises all too frequently.

In this episode I will cover:

  • My advice on how to avoid a grievance scenario in the first place;
  • Why employees often feel aggrieved when performance or capability issues are raised;
  • Why communication is the key in managing employees;
  • My thoughts on grievance procedures and why they do not need to be long drawn out processes;
  • Tips on how best to continue to proactively manage an employee even when there is a grievance process.

Action Points

  1. Do not avoid difficult conversations with employees. If there is an issue to discuss you need to do so immediately and without delay;
  2. Ensure that managers and supervisors who have line management responsibilities have some form of management training;
  3. Give your managers and supervisors support with difficult employees and play a hands on role to resolve the issues;
  4. Do not drag on grievance processes unnecessarily, there is no reason why it has to take months to investigate;
  5. Seek advice and expert support before a dispute arises. 

Useful Links

As part of our HR Harbour annual subscription service for employers we provide guidance and support for managers, which can include training on being a better manager and having difficult conversations. If you would like to know more about the HR Harbour Service and how you can get unlimited support from as little as £150 per month please contact me for a no obligation discussion – or you can find full details here: HR Harbour

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