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Vectis Radio Listener Questions Answered: Episode 17

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Employer questions answered

In this episode of the podcast the format is a bit different as I was recently invited to be a guest on the Business Insight show on my local community radio, Vectis Radio and during the show I answered a number of listener employer questions from business owners. Thanks to the generosity of Vectis Radio, Darren Fernando and Dale Howarth I have been able to share the audio from the show on this episode of the podcast.

The questions answered in this episode include….

  • How to deal with the new Shared Parental Leave regulations.
  • How to keep up to date with employment law as a small business.
  • How to address a customer complaint about a staff member in a small team.
  • What to do about an employee on maternity leave who probably won’t return to work.
  • What to do about auto enrolment and the new pension scheme.

Podcast references

Vectis Radio 

The Business Insight Show – Monday at 6:20pm

Dale Howarth 

Darren Fernando

Jigsaw Sales & Marketing

Shared Parental Leave podcast Episode 12

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