Isle of Wight Chamber Business Awards 2018

We were recently shortlisted for the Business Growth Award at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Awards 2018. The awards ceremony took place on Friday evening (30th November 2018) in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, hosted by Anneka Rice and I am really excited to announce that although we were not winners, we did receive a Highly Commended Award. It meant that we got to go up on stage to collect our award and, although it is obviously second place, the whole team are really proud to have received it and it is a great acknowledgement of all of the hard work over the last year particularly, but also over the last 5 years since I started the business.

I previously wrote about the importance of putting yourself and your business forwards for these awards and I would once again echo this (you can read the article here). It is not only a good opportunity for PR and Marketing, it sets your business apart from others – just being shortlisted differentiates your business from your competitors. Most importantly for me though is a good chance to reflect, review what you have achieved and plan how you can be better for the future. As a team we have a meeting planned for January 2019 when our new Solicitor Albert Bargery joins us, and we will be planning on how we can be better in 2019 and perhaps – who knows – even win an award!

Congratulations to the two other shortlisted finalists in our category, two fantastic businesses, WRS Systems and PC Consultants, who were the winners this year.

Alison Colley

Solicitor & Founder – Real Employment Law Advice















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