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Returning to work after lockdown and furlough

While at present there is no formal end to the government’s restrictions on work or travel, it is possible that the UK will start to …

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Key Points Employers should be considering during the lockdown

What do employers need to start thinking about while staff are furloughed? 1. Planning It is crucial to use this time to start planning for …

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Monitoring the health of your staff

What steps can employers take in respect of employee health? I was recently asked whether, during this pandemic, an employer can lawfully conduct temperature checks …

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Annual Leave & Furlough

What happens about annual leave during  furlough? I want to start with a BIG disclaimer, this is completely uncharted territory and therefore some of what …

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Frequently Asked Questions about Furloughing

The job retention scheme FAQ’s 1. Will the payments be calculated on gross or net pay? You will pay employees in the normal way through …

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Furlough & Directors

Directors can be furloughed After the first couple of versions of the guidance issued by HMRC it was subsequently clarified that Directors can be furloughed …

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Podcast Episodes

Discrimination: The Basics

In this episode of the podcast I bring you a brief overview of the basics of discrimination. This episode is ideal if you are new …

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Can a vegetarian claim discrimination under the Equality Act 2010?

In this episode of the podcast I cover a recent case decided by the Norwich Employment Tribunal as to whether a vegetarian employee could claim …

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Bonus Episode: Interview with Alison Colley

In this bonus episode of the podcast I bring you the audio from a recent interview on the YouTube channel for a business based locally …

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Documenting harassment and discrimination

In this episode of the podcast I interview Dr Julia Shaw about Spot, which she has co-founded to help employers and employees with harassment and …

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Subject Access Request: The Basics

In this episode of the podcast I cover the basics which employers need to consider with regards to Subject Access Requests when received from employees. …

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Having Difficult Conversations: Top Tips

In this episode of the podcast I discuss the importance of managing difficult or contentious conversations successfully. In this episode I will cover: What difficult …

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