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What do employers need to know about benefits and allowances during Maternity Leave.

The question of what benefits an employee can continue to receive during maternity leave is one that can – quite rightly – cause some confusion. Below we revisit the law regarding the continuation of benefits during maternity leave and answer some frequently asked questions.

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Resignation in the heat of the moment

We know that sometimes even the best employers cannot help situations arising between members of staff. Training and team building exercises are a great way to help encourage staff to deal with issues to avoid situations like arguments occurring between employees but sometimes this is not enough.

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The Risks of Dismissing an Employee for Gross Misconduct

Recently my colleagues and I, have received enquires where an employee has been dismissed for gross misconduct, where we did not consider the employee should have been dismissed for this reason.

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Latest developments with employment law and HR for March/April 2021

Here is a round-up of some interesting developments in the world of HR and employment law in the past couple of months. A male employee on shared parental leave cannot claim sex discrimination because he is paid less than a woman on adoption leave …

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Could your furloughed employees be feeling disengaged?

Responses to a survey from 500 employees indicated that those returning from furlough feel more disconnected from work in comparison to non-furloughed employees and this includes a significant drop in personal confidence by those furloughed since the scheme was introduced in March 2020.

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Employee who left the workplace due to concerns over the risk of Covid-19 was not unfairly dismissed.

In a recent case decide by the Employment Tribunal it was decided that an employee had not been unfairly dismissed for leaving the workplace due to his safety concerns about covid.

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Podcast Episodes

Adult ADHD: What do employers need to know?

Adult ADHD is a condition that is becoming more widely recognised & an employee with ADHD could fall under the Equality Act definition of a disabled person . As a result employers may have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for employees who may be struggling with work as a result.

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Without Prejudice Discussions: When are they really ‘off the record’

When you can rely on Section 111A of the Employment Rights Act 1996 and/or the without prejudice rules to prevent settlement discussions being used against you as evidence.

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Domestic Violence and Abuse: what do employers need to know

I am joined by Ed Grey from BlueTouchPaper consulting to talk about the very timely and interesting subject of Domestic Violence & Abuse and the interrelationship with work.

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What are the options for an employee who cannot work due to school closures and childcare?

In this episode 164 of the Podcast we address a question which has arisen frequently since the announcement by Boris Johnson on the 4th January 2021 that schools would close the next day.

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Employment Law & HR in 2020: Reflections on the key developments

In this episode 163 of the Podcast I reflect on all that has gone on in the last year and cover the notable changes and developments in employment law and HR. Believe it or not there has been more going on that just furlough!

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Do employers really have discretion not to pay a bonus payment?

Bonus schemes and decisions about their payment are particularly important at the end of the year when typically employers are making decisions about whether to pay them and how much. But what happens if an employer decides to use discretion and not pay a bonus this year?

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