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Key changes for employers to note in the new tax year 2021/2022

Following the Budget in March and in the lead up to the end of the 2020-21 financial year, businesses have been kept busy with all that has been going on in preparation for opening and covid restrictions so may not have had time to consider some of the other important changes…

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What should you consider if you are introducing staff covid testing?

In order to ensure the safety of employee’s some employers may be considering utilising the lateral flow tests, and introducing staff covid testing, in order to help re-open the workplace or enhance the safety measures already in place.

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Do sleep-in shifts qualify for National Minimum Wage?

The Supreme Court recently ruled in the case of Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson Blake (“the Mencap case”) that “sleep-in” shifts do not count as work for the purposes of the National Minimum Wage Regulations 2015. This case spells the end of a long running dispute about pay rates…

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Updated Shielding Advice – What it means for Employees and Employers?

The guidance states that those who are classed as clinically vulnerable, will no longer be required to shield from 1 April 2021, however, the guidance states that you should continue to follow the guidance, in place at that time, and ensure you maintain social distancing..

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Can we make staff take annual leave?

We have had a number of enquiries from employees regarding requests from their employers to take annual leave and have had some questions from employers looking for guidance on what to do with employees who have accrued large amounts of holiday.

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Employment references

Reference or Confirmation of Employment? I recently received an enquiry relating to an employer providing a bad reference, in respect of a former employee and I was a little shocked, as usually employers only provide a standard reference, which is the dates the employee worked and their job title.

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Podcast Episodes

Employees who are reluctant to return to work & shielding employees

I am covering the tricky question of what you can do if an employee refuses to return to the workplace because of covid concerns. Also with the guidance about shielding changing what you need to consider when asking a formerly shielding employee to return to work.

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Changing Employment Contracts

What do you need to consider when making changes to terms of employment? If an employee refuses to agree to the change, what are the options for the employer? Can they force the change? Does an employee have to accept a change to their terms?

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Adult ADHD: What do employers need to know?

Adult ADHD is a condition that is becoming more widely recognised & an employee with ADHD could fall under the Equality Act definition of a disabled person . As a result employers may have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for employees who may be struggling with work as a result.

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Without Prejudice Discussions: When are they really ‘off the record’

When you can rely on Section 111A of the Employment Rights Act 1996 and/or the without prejudice rules to prevent settlement discussions being used against you as evidence.

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Domestic Violence and Abuse: what do employers need to know

I am joined by Ed Grey from BlueTouchPaper consulting to talk about the very timely and interesting subject of Domestic Violence & Abuse and the interrelationship with work.

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What are the options for an employee who cannot work due to school closures and childcare?

In this episode 164 of the Podcast we address a question which has arisen frequently since the announcement by Boris Johnson on the 4th January 2021 that schools would close the next day.

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