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Can my Employer monitor me at work?

Many employees understand that their employer will be able to monitor them at work in order to establish whether the employee is right for the role and is complying with the employer’s policies and procedures and to provide any training to the employee to help them in their role.

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Preliminary Hearing in the Employment Tribunal

A preliminary hearing is an interim hearing that takes place before the final hearing of a claim in the Employment Tribunal. It usually occurs early in the proceedings and may be called by the tribunal of its own motion or on the application of one of the parties.

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Can an employee return to work before the end of a fit note?

As an employer you will have occasions when you will receive a fit note from an employee’s GP setting out that they are not fit for work for a period of time. But what happens if an employee wants to voluntarily return to work before the end of their fit note?

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Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice

As recruitment and retention of staff becomes increasingly difficult for businesses, more and more employers are looking at alternative incentives and benefits that they can provide to recruit and retain staff.
One benefit that ticks lots of boxes for employers and employees is the provision of an Electric Vehicle via a Salary Sacrifice scheme.

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Resolving disputes with a Settlement Agreement: What do you need to know?

From allegations of bullying and harassment to poor performance and everything in between, there are a myriad of disputes that occur. Some are easily resolved, and others drag on a lot longer, causing endless headaches and potential legal risks to the business.

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Do you need to know about an employee’s disability for your action to be discrimination?

In Stott v Ralli Ltd, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) recently considered whether an employment tribunal had made an error when it held that an employer’s decision to dismiss an employee on the basis of her poor performance was not an act of discrimination arising from the employee’s disability

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Podcast Episodes

The Changing World of Work 2021

In this episode 181 of the podcast I bring you my thoughts on the main changes to the world of work that employers need to be aware of.

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Top Tips for Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Promoting good mental health practices and wellbeing need not be difficult and in this episode I breakdown into some easy steps to follow.

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Top Tips For Managing Sickness Absence

In this episode 179 of the podcast I bring you an extract from a webinar I recently delivered for our HR Harbour Members on the top tips for managing sickness absence. Essential advice for managers.

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Childless women in the workplace: What employers should consider.

Childless women in the workplace is the biggest diversity issue that HR have not heard of and hopefully in this episode we can educate employers and HR about the issue so that at the very least awareness is raised about this issue that is affecting more and more women.

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Managing Home Working: Practical Tips for Employers

In this episode 177 of the podcast I bring you my practical tips for managing home working for staff who will remain working remotely. Now that the ’emergency measures’ required by covid have ended it is important to plan ahead for successful home working

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The end of Furlough & changes to Self-Isolation rules: what do employers need to know?

The latest information for employers on furlough ending and the key points employers need to be aware of in respect of the changes to self-isolation rules.

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