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Category: Employer Resources

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Best practice for employers

Suspension advice for employers

Regardless of whether the allegations are serious, or the right to suspend is expressly included in the contract, employers need to pause to consider whether suspension is the right thing to do or if it can be avoided.

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Best practice for employers

Reasonable Adjustments – Leadership Inclusivity

Employer obligation to make reasonable adjustments. In a recent survey it has been established that employers are not forthcoming or proactive in assessing …

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Best practice for employers

Changes to the National Minimum Wage 2024

The rates for the national minimum wage from April 2024 have been announced and there is one major change that employers need to note…

Best practice for employers

Neuro divergence and work

What should employers be considering with a neuro divergent workforce?

Best practice for employers

New Sexual Harassment Laws

New Sexual Harassment Laws. The new law, contained in the Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Act 2023, will come into force in October 2024.