Defending an Employment Tribunal claim

We successfully defended a claim in the Employment Tribunal for a local firm who were faced with a claim of unfair dismissal.

Unfortunately, the client’s retained HR provider, who also provided them with insurance, refused to provide cover for them to defend the case, as the provider decided they had less than 50% chance of defending the case.

This left the client with the choice to either pay the employee off from their own pocket or defend the claim themselves. Fortunately for the client they chose to take independent advice from us and we were able to reassure them that this was a case that could be defended.

We represented the company in the preparation up to the Employment Tribunal including the preparation of witness statements and evidence and we arranged for a Barrister to represent them at the final hearing.

Our client was successful and the Employment Judge ruled in their favour that they had fairly dismissed the employee for gross misconduct.

After the ruling by the Employment Tribunal we also reviewed the client’s contracts and procedures to ensure that in future if the same issue arose it would be much clearer and simpler to deal with.

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