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Author: Kayleigh Mountford

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Employment Law Changes 2024

Employment Law Changes 2024. Various changes to employee rights. From the 6 April 2024, the following employment law changes will come into effect…

to show an employee handbook
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The Benefits of Having a Staff Handbook

Although it is not a legal requirement to have a Staff Handbook many employers do have a Handbook of some sort or other in order to provide guidance to staff..

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What is the process for dealing with allegations of misconduct?

How should employers handle a situation with misconduct at work?
When an employer has been made aware of a potential misconduct issue, it is common to consider that an immediate invite to a disciplinary hearing and/or immediate dismissal, is the most appropriate action to take.

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Holiday Pay & Entitlement on Termination

The right to receive payment in respect of accrued untaken holiday only applies upon an employee’s termination of employment, however, arising.