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Author: Harvinder Pahal

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Employment contracts – Out with the old and in with the new

In April 2020 changes were introduced to Section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 meaning that employees (including workers) must be given a written statement as to the terms and conditions of their employment. This can be done in the form of a contract. 

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Can an employer ask about the vaccination status of a job applicant?

We have recently had a number of enquiries about whether job applicants can be asked to confirm their vaccination status when applying for a role. The Equality Act 2010 prohibits employers from asking job applicants questions about their health before they are offered a job..

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Flexible working request appeal time limits

The Employment Appeal Tribunal in Walsh v Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd  recently held that the Tribunal had made an error in its finding that an employee had agreed to extend the decision period when he agreed to attend an appeal after the expiry of the decision period.

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Covid news what do employers need to know?

Just when we were starting to believe that Covid was a thing of the past another new variant emerges hitting the headlines and causing concern for all just as we enter the festive period. The Scottish government has indicated that employers should consider long term hybrid working models ..

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Can an employee return to work before the end of a fit note?

As an employer you will have occasions when you will receive a fit note from an employee’s GP setting out that they are not fit for work for a period of time. But what happens if an employee wants to voluntarily return to work before the end of their fit note?

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Employees right to unpaid carers leave

You will no doubt have heard in the news of various proposals to change employee rights and make changes to the way current rights work.
As part of the Government’s bid to support the labour market and help businesses ‘build back better’ from the COVID-19 pandemic, another change that has been announced is the introduction of a right to unpaid carers leave for a period of up to one week.

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Redundancy appeals and unfair dismissal

With the end of furlough approaching, many businesses are having to think (if they haven’t already) about their plans going forward. Redundancies are one of the options that employers are having to consider, and we have had a number of enquiries from businesses across the UK who are exploring this.

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Update on mandatory Covid vaccinations in care homes

Those working in care homes will need to be double vaccinated otherwise employees face being dismissed unless they are exempt for medical reasons. The justification behind the proposals were that it protected care home residents from serious illness or death related to Covid-19 infections.

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Compulsory covid vaccinations for those working in care homes

The government has recently announced that covid vaccinations will become compulsory for those working in and those attending care homes from 11 November 2021. Changes to the law will mean that those working in care homes that are regulated by the Quality Care Commission must be double-vaccinated.