Real Employment Law Advice


Albert Bargery


I am an experienced employment Solicitor; whose aim is to help business owners and employees understand their obligations in the workplace; and to find ways for them to work together to make the workplace a better place to be.  

The way I work

One of my favourite novels is Gormenghast, which is about characters living in a sprawling, decaying, Gothic structure, bound by rigid formalities and ritual. Unfortunately, I have, and still do, come across many business owners, managers and staff who deal with employment issues in a similarly rigid manner; or deal with matters with the view that  “well, this is how we have always done it”. This means the organisation, and the staff, often ignore small issues until they become big issues; are reactive rather than proactive; and fail to communicate on or deal with the positive and negative issues facing the organisation. My advice is aimed is to make sure you do not stand still and get stuck in doing something just one way; and my value and enjoyment comes from working with businesses, managers and staff, to embrace change in how things are done in their workplace, so that it is a kinder and a more effective place to be. 


I have worked for both employers and individual employees, gaining invaluable experience of looking at workplace practices from both sides of the story. Whenever I am working with a customer, I can therefore approach the problem with empathy and understanding of both points of view, and this enables me to provide practical and pragmatic solutions that can maintain the working relationship between those involved. 


The law is always evolving but does not always keep up with changes in society such as the demands for a better work life balance, gender equality and recognition, or the increasingly poor mental health of our workforce. As a member of the Employment Lawyers Association, we are proactive in ensuring we are up to date with the latest developments in the law and how they affect you and your staff.  However, my worth and interest lie in working with you to think about your values; what best practice means for you and your staff, and to encourage a way of operating that while practical and pragmatic, can be empathetic to your staff and their working experience, and to encourage a kinder way of working.

Personal Life

While I do enjoy my job, I also look forward to my own time, when I can be found enjoying coastal walks; sea swimming and country pubs with my wife and family or immersing myself in a sci-fi culture.