Real Employment Law Advice

Day: November 18, 2021

Best practice for employers

Can my Employer monitor me at work?

Many employees understand that their employer will be able to monitor them at work in order to establish whether the employee is right for the role and is complying with the employer’s policies and procedures and to provide any training to the employee to help them in their role.

Employment Tribunal Claims

Preliminary Hearing in the Employment Tribunal

A preliminary hearing is an interim hearing that takes place before the final hearing of a claim in the Employment Tribunal. It usually occurs early in the proceedings and may be called by the tribunal of its own motion or on the application of one of the parties.

General HR Advice

Can an employee return to work before the end of a fit note?

As an employer you will have occasions when you will receive a fit note from an employee’s GP setting out that they are not fit for work for a period of time. But what happens if an employee wants to voluntarily return to work before the end of their fit note?