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How can I pay for Legal Advice for my Employment Tribunal Case?

What are my options if I have an Employment Tribunal claim and want legal advice?

There are several issues which need to be considered, when deciding whether to pursue an Employment Tribunal claim, such as:

  • The length of time the claim will take to reach a conclusion;
  • The stress and anxiety a claim can have and the impact upon your health; and
  • The financial implications of pursuing a claim.

Whilst none of these factors are to be taken lightly, I find it is usually the financial impact, which prevents employees from pursuing a claim.

It is advisable to check your home insurance policy, as it could contain legal expenses cover, this means the cost of pursuing a claim would be covered by the insurance provider. Please note, usually the insurance provider will need confirmation the claim has a reasonable chance of success (over 51%) before agreeing to fund your costs.

However, if you do not have legal expenses cover, our team, have come up with several different ways to aid employees’, which I set out as follows:

1. Initial Advice

We understand some clients are comfortable conducting the Employment Tribunal claim themselves but want advice regarding the prospects of a claim and what can be claimed, if successful.

It is for this reason we can give you a fixed cost for reviewing documents and setting out the possible claim(s) and the prospects.

2. Ad hoc advice

We appreciate some clients may want a little more assistance with the process, without us conducting the whole claim. Again, we can provide a cost estimate for assisting with each individual part of the claim, such as drafting the claim, helping with disclosure or preparing/reviewing witness statements. This enables you to obtain assistance when required, whilst still maintaining control over the claim and keep costs low.

3. Assistance with the whole claim

Some clients do not want the stress of dealing with the Employment Tribunal process and in those circumstances, we can provide a full cost estimate for conducting the claim, which we break down for each specific stage, to enable you to see how the estimate has been put together. You can then decide whether you want to pay for each individual element of the claim, as it occurs or pay a fixed monthly direct debit, which avoids paying for the more expensive elements of a claim, such as witness statement, in one go.

If you have any queries regarding issuing a claim or the procedural steps in an Employment Tribunal claim, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01983 987003.

If you have any queries regarding issuing a claim or the procedural steps in an Employment Tribunal claim, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01983 987003.

The team will be happy to assist and provide a free, 30 minutes, no obligation consultation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


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