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More support announced for employers affected by local lockdown

Furlough continuation post 31st October 2020

It has been another week of uncertainty for everyone, but particularly those businesses most impacted by the government’s restrictions.

The Job Support Scheme previously announced, of course provides some continuing support for employers impacted by Covid and the subsequent restrictions, but many criticised the scheme as not going far enough for those businesses who are forced to close or have their business severely restricted by a local lockdown.

Fortunately, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced last week a continuation of the furlough scheme for those businesses who are forced to close and cannot offer 33% of normal hours as required under the Job Support Scheme.

We will of course bring you further details when released but in the meantime the key points to note are:

  1. If the business has been ordered to close you can claim under this scheme.
  2. The scheme will pay two thirds of wages.
  3. Claim up to £2,100 per month per employee.
  4. The employees have to be on the payroll as at the 23rd September 2020.
  5. Employers do not have to contribute to the wages i.e. you do not have to top up pay.
  6. Employers will have to pay pension and NI contribution.

If you want more information about the Job Support Scheme and how this differs then you can listen now to the latest episode of the Podcast – Listen Now

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