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How to be the best employer: Tip 8

Take action

No-one wants to work for a business that says it will do something and then doesn’t. This is not just about employee relations and issues that affect the staff, but about business progression.

We have all heard stories about businesses that entice great candidates to work for them with the promise of great projects or innovative ideas for the future, but once the employee starts work it is
apparent that there has been no movement or intention for action.

There is nothing worse than an employee who is bored or who brings ideas to the table only for them to be ignored or shelved.

I acted for an organisation where one particular department had a high turnover of staff; this was costing the businesses money in recruitment costs, but also in clients as they became despondent by the ever-changing staff. When we looked into it, we could see that time after time this department had made grand marketing and business development plans, and they would spend hours in a meeting setting out objectives and actions, all great stuff. However, when it came to implementation nothing was happening, the two team leaders would not take the initiative and actually start and follow through with a project. The result, good quality staff members were becoming fed up with the lack of action.

There are very few good employees who want to stand still and are prepared to work for an organisation that is standing still, so ensure that when you say you will take action you do, and if you find you have team leaders or managers who are procrastinating, take steps to deal with the issue first. This has got to be good for the business overall as well.

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This article was written by Alison Colley, Solicitor and Director at Real Employment Law Advice.

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